Leaders with Feelings

The need for heart-centered leadership has never been greater. Today's workforce requires leaders with empathy, confidence, listening and communication skills, integrity and vision. 

Jill provides leaders and aspiring leaders with insights, tools, practice and feedback to build the skills necessary for success in business and relationships. 

Building off of your natural talents and interests, Jill will help you gain perspective, make progressive decisions, empower your team, and have more fun. 


Jill serves as a trusted partner for decision-making, strategic planning, and team alignment. Whether you need an occasional rebalance or a consistent sounding board, Jill offers custom consulting projects to meet your unique challenges. 


Jill will help you get focused, operate from alignment, stay accountable, understand empathy and emotions, and build the skills you need to lead from your values. 



Great conversations change how teams operate. Jill provides training sessions designed to create better engagement, stronger communication skills, increased trust, and a positive team culture. 

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